The key to building systems that are useful, and efficient is knowledge of user's environment, preferences and priorities. Today's developers must understand their client's business domain. At Trusted-Technologies, we invest in advanced, proprietary training programs for engineers to learn our key focus industry verticals. We have built a unique knowledge base that allows us to start, ramp-up and deliver in record time. Our client's experience shows that by utilizing our industry-focused teams both on-site and off-site, we deliver more productive effort than an alternative during our engagement.


Trusted-Technologies is dedicated to deliver best-in-class healthcare IT consulting services and ready to deploy trusted products such as integration engine and telehealth platform.


Working with schools, Trusted-Technologies provides IT consulting services, and technology infrastructure, where innovation is required to advance education nationally and globally.


Professional services such as RFP development, requirements management, and EA consulting services. We offer ready to deploy cloud based video conferencing and integration engine.